Kastoni Homes, Living Luxury by Tony Kassis

Testimonials from Our Clientele

"We love every second we live in this home. Kastoni Homes created a home that was built around us and not the other way around. We've completed a new build before and things didn't run as smoothly as it did this time around. The difference was definitely Tony and his team. They did a great job creating the home we visualised - it's our dream home."

"With a young family and a new business, it seemed like the worst possible time to be designing and building a new home. But Kastoni Homes was organised, efficient, professional and understood our needs. We were kept informed every step of the way.
Living luxury - that's everything we wanted from this house and that's everything we got!"

"The best thing about our home is that even with a big family, there's plenty of corners in the home where you can escape. It's almost like that's what they were created for. Every finish in the home is well thought of and high quality. I'd definitely do this process all over again with Kastoni Homes. Choosing Kastoni Homes to build our family home was definitely the right decision for us."